About Emily Black Print Shop


I started my bespoke dance portrait studio, Emily Black Photography, in 2016. I love working with dance students and professionals, but I’m only available in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area (and occasionally Houston). In 2018, I realized I wanted to share my work with a larger audience. That’s how Emily Black Print Shop was born!

Since then, I’ve been working with dance models to create unique dance decor that can be personalized by mixing and matching. Dancers, dance teachers, and Dance Moms can create custom displays for homes and studios anywhere in the world using my black and white ballet, modern, and hip hop photography. They make wonderful dance recital gifts, birthday or holiday presents, and inspiration for updating your daughter’s bedroom decor.

My 8x10” mounted Dancing Letter photography is perfect for personalizing your dancer’s space. It is a fun and youthful, yet tasteful, expression of her love of dance. I plan to add more sizes and color options, as well as other products, very soon.

I hope my love of dance and photography shines through in my work, and I hope you find something here your dancer will be inspired by seeing on her wall every day.